Kakao Entertainment to unveil its own AI-based brand Helix: CTO

2023.07.06 12:13:01 | 2023.07.06 13:24:21

Kim Ki-beom, chief technology officer at Kakao Entertainment이미지 확대

Kim Ki-beom, chief technology officer at Kakao Entertainment

Kakao Entertainment Co, a content unit of South Korea’s platform giant Kakao Corp, will introduce its own artificial intelligence (AI) label Helix for the first time in the industry as it strives to establish and expand its AI lineup across its business encompassing webtoons, music, and films.

“We came to launch Helix after thinking about how we can maximize the fun aspects of various contents and deliver them to the users,” said Kim Ki-beom, chief technology officer at Kakao Entertainment, in an exclusive interview with Maeil Business Newspaper on Tuesday.

“We created Helix to take the lead through AI, given that Kakao Entertainment is engaged in information technology in the entertainment realm,” Kim added.

The definition of Helix is originally spiral shape but Kakao Entertainment used the term as an acronym from the phrase “Humanity Experience Learning Improvement eXpansion.”

“The Helix label will encompass AI services applied across all intellectual property businesses under Kakao Entertainment,” Kim said. “Different AI services will be introduced based on various AI models from conventional AI technology, including machine learning to today’s advanced generative AI.”

The first service to be launched under the Helix label is the so-called Helix Push for Kakao Page Corp., a webcomic and web novel unit.

The service is designed to make AI learn from users’ content consumption patterns and app visit data to provide optimized information, such as recommendations and subscription benefits, through mobile push notifications.

Kim described the Helix Push as the alternative to human curation that faces limitations amid the surge in content IP.

The feature will be applied to all global platforms offered by Kakao Entertainment, according to Kim.

“With data analysis of user preferences, the service aims to introduce a wide range of IP content to readers while providing creators with more opportunities to showcase their works without any pressure on rankings,” the CTO said.

Kakao Entertainment is accelerating moves to integrate generative AI with content creation. The company is mulling prospective ideas like a real-time chat service between AI-based content characters and users.

Kim said Helix could be an AI-based assistant for creators who work with Kakao Entertainment.

As Kakao Entertainment expands its content businesses in foreign markets, such as North America, Asia, and Europe, the tech infrastructure solutions tailored to local environments have become important.

The company focuses on enhancing its tech capabilities, with employees in the engineering division accounting for 25 percent of the entire labor force.

By Ko Min-suh and Han Yubin

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