LG sees surge in ‘Healing Me’ massage chair sales

2024.02.13 12:49:02 | 2024.02.13 17:31:15

Healing Me Objet Collection Arte [Courtesy of LG Electronics]이미지 확대

Healing Me Objet Collection Arte [Courtesy of LG Electronics]

Sales of LG Electronics’ body massage chair, ‘Healing Me,’ are surging thanks to the popularity of MBN’s hit program, ‘King of Active Singers.’ The unexpected boost in sales is narrowing the gap between LG and leading competitors in the massage chair market, showcasing the power of product placement advertising.

According to industry sources on Monday, LG Electronics has seen a remarkable 60 percent jump in sales for its ‘Healing Me Objet Collection Arte’ massage chair since it was featured in the program in January 2024.

‘King of Active Singers’ is a trot music program broadcasted on Korean cable TV MBN, and achieved a viewership of 16.1 percent based on 11th episode. Riding on the wave of the program’s popularity, LG’s massage chair has been the talk of the town, particularly among younger consumers in their 30s and 40s constituting more than 60 percent of the customer base.

LG Electronics’ strategic marketing approach includes showcasing the massage chair during the show’s judging panel and capturing singers relaxing in the chairs backstage or experiencing them in LG Best Shop stores. The exposure captured the attention of customers, leading to a surge in interest and sales for the massage chair.

LG’s success is attributed to its differentiated massage performance and sophisticated design. The massage chair features a 6-directional massage ball that moves not only vertically and horizontally but also in the front and back, providing users with a comprehensive 6-motion 3D massage experience, according to the company.

By Seong Seung-hoon and Minu Kim

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