Consumers stick to basic shoe styles despite changing trends

2024.03.15 10:27:49

The Chuck Taylor All Star Core. [Courtesy of ABC Mart Korea]이미지 확대

The Chuck Taylor All Star Core. [Courtesy of ABC Mart Korea]

Classic shoe brands that remain faithful to basics and prioritize practicality continue to attract buyers even in the midst of rapidly changing fashion trends.

An analysis into the 2021-2023 shoe sales by ABC Mart Korea, the largest multi shoe store in South Korea, showed that Chuck Taylor All Star Core, the iconic sneaker of Converse secured the top spot for three straight years.

The Chuck Taylor All Star Core also maintained its position in the top five sellers during the first two months of 2024.

Known for its timeless design, the shoe is considered a must-have item, with consistent sales throughout all seasons.

“Many customers visiting our stores request the product name and size, and without even trying them on, proceed to purchase the shoes,” said an official from ABC Mart Korea. “There is a growing tendency for people to consider shoes as essential items that need to be regularly replenished with the same product.”

New Balance 530, a clean-styled running shoe, also ranks high in popularity in the beginning of a new year before the start of the school season and with increased outdoor activities.

Even based on sales figures from January to February, it secured a place in the top five sellers, demonstrating its stable sales performance.

New Balance 530, known for its comfortable fit and retro design that infuses modern value into old styles, is highly regarded as a versatile option for various fashion styles.

The popularity of the classic shoes also contributes to the revenue recovery of ABC Mart Korea.

After seeing a decline due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, ABC Mart Korea’s revenue rose again in 2022, reaching 568 billion won ($428 million). Sales are estimated to have increased even further last year.

By Chung Seul-gi and Minu Kim

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