Mando to localize ultra-high resolution 4D imaging radar by 2023

2021.06.04 11:16:13

[Source: Mando]이미지 확대

[Source: Mando]

Mando Corporation has partnered with startup Smart Radar System Inc. (SRS) for joint development of an ultra-high resolution 4D imaging radar (radio detection and ranging) module by 2023 to localize the key component for self-driving vehicles, the Korea-based auto parts maker announced on Friday.

SRS is a local startup dedicated to image radar technology for automotive and industrial applications and has developed 4D image radar technology for self-driving vehicles.

A 4D imaging radar prototype to be jointly developed by the two companies will be designed with 768 channels, featuring four times higher resolution than those from global competitors.

A 4D imaging radar is created by a technology that implements a radar target using point clouds into a 4D image, making the shape clearly and accurately marked compared to 3D image radars.

Mando succeeded in localizing the `adaptive cruise control (ACC)` long-range radar for the first time in Korea in 2014, and currently has a third-generation radar lineup applicable to autonomous driving level 3, including the `automatic emergency brake (AEB)` medium-range radar. Mando said the 4D imaging radar represents the beginning in efforts to develop the industry’s 4th generation radar.

Starting with the development of 4D imaging radar modules for autonomous driving, the two companies plan to expand cooperation in various sectors such as smart city and smart factory solutions, and robots.

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