ICH to supply sheets for solid-state batteries to Samsung SDI

2024.05.14 08:26:01 | 2024.05.14 08:31:10

[Courtesy ICH Co.]이미지 확대

[Courtesy ICH Co.]

South Korea’s ICH Co. is progressing with a project to supply elastic sheets for solid-state batteries to Samsung SDI, according to industry sources on Monday. The company will reportedly begin preparations for full-scale mass production as soon as the specifications are finalized in May 2024, and Samsung SDI aims to commercialize solid-state batteries by 2027.

The elastic sheets from ICH are applied between the cells of solid-state batteries used in electric vehicles, and mitigate the impact generated when the aluminum plate surrounding the battery contracts and expands. As battery cells undergo expansion and restoration due to repetitive charging and discharging, the elastic sheets, which have high compressibility and restorability, continuously fill the internal space of the battery module, and prevent thermal runaway inside the battery cells caused by the ongoing impact transmitted from the vehicle body.

ICH currently supplies similar elastic sheet materials for consumer electronics such as smartphones and laptops. With the new project, ICH is expected to expand its products into solid-state batteries, which are being highlighted as the next generation of EV batteries.

Solid-state batteries based on solid electrolytes are considered a game-changer for EV batteries due to reduced fire hazards and longer driving ranges. As it prepares to mass produce the solid-state batteries by 2027, Samsung SDI is developing products with the industry’s highest energy density of 900Wh per liter, which has up to 40 percent more energy density compared to the prismatic batteries (P5) that are currently in mass production.

Samsung SDI aims to increase the market share of solid-state batteries to a maximum of 20 percent in the EV market by 2030. Assuming each electric vehicle requires about 150 battery cells, around 3,000 elastic sheets would be needed per vehicle. According to estimates based on an annual production of 600,000 electric vehicles, the market size for elastic sheets is some 500 billion won ($365 million).

Established in 2012 and listed on the Kosdaq in 2022, ICH produces and sells products including film-type thin film antennas, electromagnetic shielding gaskets, and adhesive tapes for IT devices. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display are its main clients.

By Yang Yeon-ho and Minu Kim

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