Korean pharma, bio majors to showcase anticancer drugs

2024.04.03 09:07:01 | 2024.04.03 09:10:58

[Coutesy of AACR]이미지 확대

[Coutesy of AACR]

South Korean pharmaceutical and bio companies are gearing up for the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2024, one of the world’s top three cancer conferences, where they plan to unveil research achievements in various anticancer drug pipelines such as immunotherapy, antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), bispecific antibodies, targeted protein degraders (TPD), and CAR-T therapies.

According to industry sources on Tuesday, major Korean pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co. and Yuhan Corp., will attend the meeting, which will be held in San Diego, the United States, from April 5th to 10th, 2024.

The AACR Annual Meeting is considered one of the top three cancer conferences globally along with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting and the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Congress. It is known as a place where anticancer trends can be seen in advance thanks to the high number of preclinical and early clinical studies.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical will announce a total of 10 new research projects, the highest among the Korean pharmaceutical companies, which includes its p53-mRNA anticancer drug targeting the p53 mutation, which is highly prevalent in cancer patients. Although attempts have been made to develop therapies targeting p53 mutations, there is currently no commercialized drug, raising expectations.

Hanmi Pharmaceutical will also disclose research results on HM16390, a next-generation interleukin-2 (IL-2) immunotherapy with excellent antitumor efficacy confirmed in preclinical studies, and HM97662, a next-generation EZH1/2 dual inhibitor with the potential to overcome resistance mechanisms of selective EZh2 inhibitors.

Yuhan will present its preclinical research results for the YH32367 and YH41723 immunotherapies that are under development.

The company is currently conducting a phase 1 clinical trial for YH32367, targeting patients who show resistance to conventional anticancer treatments in various solid tumors expressing human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) in Korea and Australia. Yuhan aims to complete patient recruitment for a dose escalation trial by the first half of 2024 and initiate a trial for dose optimization in the second half of the year.

YH41723 is a dual-targeted immunotherapy developed in collaboration with ImmuneOncia Therapeutics Inc. targeting PD-L1 and TIGIT. YH41723 binds to PD-L1 expressed by tumor cells to activate T-cells and binds to TIGIT, another immune checkpoint target, to further activate T-cells.

ABL Bio Inc. will present poster presentations of preclinical data for the dual antibody immunotherapies ABL112 and ABl407. ABL112 and ABl407 are pipeline candidates applying ABL Bio’s 4-1BB-based dual antibody platform Grabody-T to target TIGIT and LILRB4.

For its part, Genome & Company will showcase results of four cases for the new target immunotherapy GENA-104. GENA-104 is an immunotherapy targeting the novel target CNTN4 discovered through the new drug development platform GNOCLE.

LigaChem Biosciences Inc. plans to announce preclinical results for six pipeline candidates. It will also unveil the preclinical results for its CD20xCD22-targeted dual antibody ADC, LCB36, for the first time.

By Kang Min-ho and Lee Eun-joo

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