Paldo to export Birak Sikhye to Indonesia

2024.02.07 15:40:02 | 2024.02.07 15:53:58

[Courtesy of Paldo]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of Paldo]

South Korean food company Paldo Inc. said on Tuesday that it is exporting its rice punch drink, Birak Sikhye, to Indonesia.

Paldo obtained halal certification from BPJPH, an Indonesian halal certification agency, for its beverage lineup, including Birak Sikhye, last year.

Halal certification is granted to products that comply with Islamic law and are suitable for consumption or use by Muslims.

In Indonesia, the export items include Rice Grain-Free Birak Sikhye (175ml) and Birak Sikhye (238ml).

Birak Sikhye, a sweet Korean rice beverage typically served as a dessert, was introduced by Paldo in 1993. It has become a popular product with cumulative sales exceeding 2 billion units.

Made with Korean barley malt and rice as primary ingredients, the drink undergoes an intricate 11-hour manufacturing process, allowing consumers to easily enjoy the traditionally labor-intensive sikhye at home.

By Kim Geum-yi and Minu Kim

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