Samhwa Paints develops lane-marking paint with enhanced durability

2023.11.21 15:31:01 | 2023.11.21 16:19:14

[Courtesy of Samhwa Paints]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of Samhwa Paints]

Samhwa Paints Industrial Co. Ltd. marked its entry into the road surface marking business on Monday with the development of a robust and weather-resistant paint capable of distinguishing lanes even in rainy or nighttime conditions.

The ‘Irregular Protruding Lane Paint’ by Samhwa Paints employs a specialized resin certified by Germany’s federal road authorities, featuring an uneven 3D lane structure. The company explained that this unique lane design facilitates swift water drainage due to its irregular shape and boasts exceptional light reflection capabilities.

This new lane paint, with its thick coating, prevents waterlogging even during heavy rains, while an alert sounds when drivers leave the lane, aiding them to drive safely. It also offers 1.5 times more durability than conventional lane markings, leading to simplified maintenance procedures and reduced maintenance costs.

Over 50 percent of Germany’s Autobahn, considered one of the world’s most challenging roads, has already implemented irregular protruding lane markings, according to the company.

[Courtesy of Samhwa Paints]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of Samhwa Paints]

In August, Samhwa Paints showcased its irregular protruding lane marking paint at Seoul’s ‘Pavement Marking Pilot Project.’ Following a three-month trial, Samhwa Paints’ irregular protruding lanes demonstrated minimal peeling, efficient drainage during rain, and superior lane visibility, surpassing other alternatives. The new product and technology from the pilot project are slated for a two-year quality evaluation and are set to be introduced in Seoul’s road maintenance projects for aged pavements.

“In line with our ESG strategy, we have introduced German technology to provide a safer driving environment for motorists. After over five years of dedicated research and development for adaptation in Korea, we have completed on-site testing and verification,” the company said.

By Park Joon-hyung and Minu Kim

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