Lillycover grabs spotlight with personalized skincare solution

2023.11.21 15:13:01 | 2023.11.21 16:19:30

Muilli [Courtesy of Lillycover]이미지 확대

Muilli [Courtesy of Lillycover]

South Korea’s beauty industry is embracing cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and Big Data. These advancements are promising as they accurately evaluate skin conditions and offer skincare solutions tailored for each customer.

Amid this industry trend, beauty tech startup Lillycover recently unveiled ‘Muilli,’ an innovative skin and scalp diagnostic device, under the leadership of CEO Ahn Sun-hee.

Muilli is a portable skin and scalp diagnostic device leveraging AI and Big Data technology to diagnose the skin and recommend skincare products through a ‘one-stop’ service based on the results. Consumers can directly diagnose their skin using the device and order customized skincare products that are then manufactured and delivered accordingly.

Muilli captures skin images using a 60x magnification camera, then measures the skin’s moisture levels using an ‘impedance sensor’ that collects information on six aspects such as skin redness, wrinkles, and pores, as well as seven scalp features including keratin, hair follicle density, and pore density. AI algorithms then analyze over 40 skin types and recommend tailored skincare products. Recognized for its technological prowess and effectiveness, Muilli was designated as an outstanding product at the ‘2023 Seoul Award.’

“Upon generating the ‘recipe’ via skin diagnosis, using the personalized skincare formulation device ‘ENIMA’ which maintains a safe environment through disinfection, sterilization, temperature control, and humidity control, personalized skincare products can be produced within about 3 minutes and 50 seconds,” Ahn explained. The company also launched ‘ENIMA Light’ in September 2023, which boasts a smaller size and enhanced ease of installation and usage compared to the previous ENIMA device.

These products are available for customer experience in offline stores. In May, the company ran a pop-up store at The Hyundai Department Store in Daegu, engaging customers directly and another pop-up store at The Hyundai Department Store in Seoul at the end of October 2023, further expanding the offline presence for consumers to interact and experience the service.

By Kim Si-gyun and Minu Kim

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