Naver unveils enhanced local search with real-time reservation feature

2023.11.17 15:53:01 | 2023.11.17 16:06:09

[Courtesy of Naver]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of Naver]

Naver Corp. announced on Friday that it has enhanced its local search product with a new feature, allowing users to quickly explore stores and make real-time reservations.

The new feature has been applied to neighborhood restaurants and cafes for now, with plans to gradually expand it to other sectors, the South Korean internet giant said.

Naver has integrated the real-time reservation feature into search results on both Naver and Naver Map. Users can now type in keywords such as “popular restaurant Naver reservation” or “20-person group dinner restaurant Naver reservation” to find options and make reservations with ease.

The features also allows users to select options such as date, time, and the number of people for the reservation to quickly view restaurant options that meet the specified criteria.

Naver also added a new “information” tab to its Places page, providing additional information about the restaurants, including parking locations and fees, in addition to existing details such as parking and valet availability.

Naver has incorporated this additional information from the information tab into the place filter and added keyword filters such as “pet-friendly,” “free corkage,” and “group seating.”

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