Tongyang signs deal with CarbonCure Technologies to pioneer sustainable concrete

2023.09.15 10:14:02 | 2023.09.15 13:04:26

CarbonCure Chief Executive Officer Robert Niven, right, poses for a photo ceremony held in Seoul on Sep. 13. [Courtesy of Tongyang]이미지 확대

CarbonCure Chief Executive Officer Robert Niven, right, poses for a photo ceremony held in Seoul on Sep. 13. [Courtesy of Tongyang]

Tongyang Inc., a South Korean concrete manufacturer under Eugene Group, is expected to speed up its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management initiative by producing low-carbon concrete.

According to Tongyang on Thursday, the company signed a contract with Canada’s CarbonCure Technologies Inc. that specializes in eco-friendly concrete technology and established a CarbonCure system for the first time in the industry that enables low-carbon concrete production.

The key feature of CarbonCure technology is injecting liquefied carbon dioxide into the concrete production process to increase strength. When liquefied carbon dioxide is sprayed during the concrete mixing process, crystallized carbon dioxide reacts with cement to form calcium carbonate, enhancing the strength of the concrete.

This allows for a reduction in cement usage by about four to six percent while maintaining the same strength. The incorporated carbon dioxide in the concrete can be permanently stored within the concrete, maximizing the environmental carbon reduction effect.

Eugene Group started discussions with CarbonCure in 2021 to introduce its technology. In May, Tongyang signed an agreement to install facilities and infrastructure, including liquefied carbon dioxide tanks, and to begin early production.

CarbonCure Chief Executive Officer Robert Niven visited Tongyang’s headquarters in Seoul on Wednesday and discussed the expansion of eco-friendly, low-carbon concrete business cooperation. Other attendees included Tongyang CEO Chung Jin-hak and Regine Lapointe, Canadian First Secretary and Trade Commissioner to Korea.

Stating that CarbonCure was founded to address the impact of the concrete industry on climate change, Niven expressed hope that the Tongyang-CarbonCure partnership continues to help people affected by climate change.

Tongyang plans to further expand the scope of cooperation with CarbonCure.

By Yang Yeon-ho and Chang Iou-chung

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