Samsung Electronics files various robotics patents in U.S.

2023.07.12 11:14:01 | 2023.07.12 13:53:12

Samsung Electronics Co.’s walking assist robot designed to be attached to the human body [Photo provided by Samsung Electronics]이미지 확대

Samsung Electronics Co.’s walking assist robot designed to be attached to the human body [Photo provided by Samsung Electronics]

Samsung Electronics Co. has recently filed a series of robotics patents in the U.S., such as those involving walking assistance devices and pet machines, as it considers related technologies as a new growth engine.

According to industry sources on Tuesday, the patents, filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, include a robotic technology that can monitor pets’ movements and detect their emotions.

There have already been robots for pets, but most require manual control, making it difficult for users to use the devices.

Samsung Electronics’ robot, which comes in a round shape, moves on two wheels similar to its body size. It can follow and monitor pets in real-time.

The machine can detect the emotions and movements of pets and interact with pet owners based on the data. It uses its internal camera to examine the behavioral patterns found in pets. Its internal microphones allow the robot to recognize the sounds made by pets.

Samsung Electronics also filed a patent for a walking assist robot designed to be attached to the human body. The model is said to be part of BotFit, a prospective healthcare robotic brand of the tech firm.

The robot offers walking assistance to users, mostly the elderly or people with limited mobility, as it is designed to move according to pre-programmed routes. The latest technology developed by Samsung Electronics features a seamless and safe operation even in case of communication loss caused by a device error.

The robot finger, developed by Samsung Electronics for industrial and medical purposes as well as for home use, also draws much attention. The robot has two fingers, each with sensors to detect and grasp objects.

Samsung Electronics developed a spray-on robot that can be used for disinfection of public places affected by contagious diseases. The machine uses its sensors to identify where to spray disinfectants.

Another patent by Samsung Electronics includes a technology that enables robots to discern various heights along their paths and a sensor that is used for automatic charging.

Samsung Electronics has ramped up its efforts to expand the robotic business. The company set up a task force of robot engineers in 2021 and promoted the team last year.

“Samsung Electronics is projected to unveil a walking assist device later this year,” said a source from the electronic industry.

By Choi Seung-jin and Han Yubin

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