LG Display develops high-resolution stretchable display

2022.11.09 14:18:02

[Provided by LG Display]이미지 확대

[Provided by LG Display]

LG Display has prototyped the world’s first high-resolution stretchable display that can be elongated by up to 20 percent, a new technological breakthrough with numerous potential uses across diverse sectors like wearable devices, mobility, gaming and fashion.

The full-color 12-inch free-form display, which was developed as part of a state-funded project, can be extended to a size of 14 inches, while supporting 100 pixels per inch, a similar resolution to ordinary monitors on the market, the Korean display panel maker said on Tuesday.

The company employed specialized silicon materials used in contact lenses to maximize the display flexibility while applying micro LEDs smaller than 40 micrometers as light sources to provide resistance to external shocks.

[Provided by LG Display]이미지 확대

[Provided by LG Display]

The circuits under the hood are redesigned like springs to accommodate bending and folding.

The display could be widely used in products with uneven surfaces such as clothes and furniture as well as conventional wearables.

The company has been developing the stretchable display since 2020 in cooperation with 20 local research institutes. The project is expected to complete by in 2024.

By Kim Woo-hyun and Minu Kim

By KimWoo-hyunandMinuKim

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