Samsung Electronics has all entry-level employees learn coding

2022.02.02 13:51:46 | 2022.02.02 14:04:12

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Samsung Electronics Co. has added computer programming to its training course for new employees, regardless of job requirement.

The South Korean tech giant has been providing coding classes to all entry-level employees since the second half of 2021, according to industry sources. The coding class is an addition to the company’s weeks of training offered to new employees on subjects ranging from basic business management skills to workplace safety.

All entry-level employees, even those hired for marketing, finance and other non-engineering jobs, are required to take the coding courses, which run for six weeks.

The coding training begins with Python, Java and other basic computer programming languages. Higher level courses are offered to software engineers and those need advanced training for job.

The company reportedly included the coding courses at the request of Kyung Kye-hyun, CEO of Device Solutions business at Samsung Electronics, who hopes to nurture employees who can think and work beyond job description.

Samsung Electronics has been running coding education program - Samsung Software Academy for Youth (SSAFY) – for those who are seeking software engineering career since 2018. The company selects 1,000 students every year for 12-month coding program, training them to start work as a programmer upon completion of all offered classes.

So far, a total of 2,785 students have completed the SSAFY program, and 79 percent of them have landed a software engineer job at major firms, including internet giants Kakao and Naver.

Some 100 companies have added SSAFY to their recruitment process to offer favors to job applicants who finished Samsung’s programming education, such as exempting coding test.

By Oh Chan-jong, Jung Yoo-jung and Cho Jeehyun

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