Chatbots become must for everyday tasks for Korean enterprises

2021.06.09 14:25:56 | 2021.06.09 14:26:24

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Chatbots have become common for everyday tasks for Korean enterprises and services.

According to the SI industry on Tuesday, the global chatbot and RPA market is estimated to be valued at $3.4 billion in 2024 from $1.16 billion in 2019. Chatbots offer immediate digital connections and query processing in lieu of human workers, providing more efficient collaboration, and saving time and money.

Samsung SDS is optimizing production and logistics work by combining Brity, a chatbot developed in-house, with its artificial intelligence and RPA solutions. When a customer sends an order form in various formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, or an image, the RPA automatically classifies orders according to their content. An AI-based document recognition solution converts an order form delivered as an image into text, and if omission or error is found in the order, Brity works to request confirmation from a human worker in charge.

The coronavirus pandemic also boosted the company’s migration into a chatbot and robotic processing automation (RPA) system. Samsung SDS distributes a health checklist to all employees through its chatbot. Health checklist results are collected automatically to ensure a real-time check and response process. The chatbot based on Samsung SDS`s natural language understanding also handles internal guides related to HR regulations, purchasing procedures, and year-end settlement which are frequently asked by employees.

LG CNS is another leading SI provider that has increased the use of a virtual assistant based on its AI bot system across internal business processes. Using the chatbot named LVI, employees can easily check their work schedule, salaries, apply for visits from outsiders, and consult on year-end settlement online. When an employee asks LVI about company news, it displays the latest news related to the company or the most viewed posts on the bulletin board.

SK C&C`s corporate chatbot solution AIS responds to customer inquiries regarding a repair request for an insured mobile phone. The chatbot asks for the customer`s insurance number and provides information related to the repair application to the service center closest to the customer.

An RPA solution developed by Posco ICT has been advanced in combination with AI. The company’s RPA is used to register freight cost information for each contract at Posco’s steel plants. The RPA can complete the work in 7-8 minutes versus half an hour of human workers.

By Hong Sung-yong and Minu Kim

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