Smart solutions and robotics employment spread in Korean heavy-duty industrial sites

2021.11.18 15:55:02 | 2021.11.18 15:55:26

[Photo by SK Innovation Co.]이미지 확대

[Photo by SK Innovation Co.]

South Korean companies are speeding up the deployment of advanced smart and robot solutions across workplaces to increase operational efficiency and reduce work-related injuries.

SK Innovation Thursday announced the introduction of a VR-based inspection training program at its Ulsan Complex to allow operators to look into internal facilities without stopping the operation of petrochemical plants or visiting the site.

Through the simulation system, the company expects to strengthen its inspection capabilities. The VR education program provides inspectors with a 360-degree look at reactors and heaters used in the manufacturing process. SK Innovation said it will accelerate digital transformation of its plant by applying it to other work processes at the complex.

The construction unit of Samsung C&T Thursday introduced a floor robot to its construction site to take over high-risk tasks during access floor work. The floor robot moves by itself and mainly performs access floor work which requires a double-floor system. It is mainly used in semiconductor factories, clean rooms, and computer rooms of data centers.

By using a floor robot, it is possible to reduce the risk of safety accidents in the construction site, the company said. The access floor work has a high possibility of safety accidents such as falls as there are many construction sites are located at a height of up to 6 meters or above.

The floor robot is currently being introduced and operated at a display plant site in Asan, and it is planned to be used at a semiconductor plant site in Pyeongtaek at the end of this month.

By Lee Chuk-bok and Minu Kim

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