Proxy game playing to level up becomes criminal offense in Korea from 2019

2018.12.10 15:36:57 | 2018.12.10 15:50:48

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Playing games under another person’s account to level up will become a criminal offense in South Korea from next year that can cost up to two years in prison or a fine of about $18,000.

South Korea’s National Assembly has approved a law to punish proxy game playing. The law passed on Friday was proposed to prevent online game users from hiring commercial substitute gamers in order to win rare items or upgrade their game levels.

The law will go into effect around June next year, six months after the promulgation. The law defines substitute gaming as an act that interferes with normal game operations by commercially supporting or providing services to acquire score and performance of games on behalf of game players in a way unapproved by a game company. Violation is subject to imprisonment of up to two years or a penalty of up to 20 million won ($17,800).

The law targets professional substitute game players and promoters who blatantly put up game ads on online portals.

To date, game companies have had no other option but to suspend an account of a violator to curb foul play.

By Lee Yong-ik and Minu Kim

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