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2018.05.28 13:43:36

▶Financial Statement Analysis for 2017

*Financial statement analyses are compiled using information provided by non-financial enterprises from their financial statements. The surveyed financial statements are those of non-financial corporations legally obligated to be audited by an independent external auditor. The statistics represent the activities of those corporations in Korea.

(In 2017, the indicators of growth, profitability and financial stability improved year-on-year)

1. Growth

- Sales during 2017 rose by 9.9% year-on-year and total assets increased by 5.5% year-end to year-end.

2. Profitability

- Operating income to sales (6.2%→7.4%) and pre-tax income to sales (6.0%→7.6%) rose year-on-year.

3. Financial stability

- The debt ratio (98.2%→92.3%) and total borrowings and bonds payable to total assets (26.5%→25.1%) decreased year-end to year-end.

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(Source: The Bank of Korea, 28/05/2018)

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