Apple demands $1 bn in damages in final round of Samsung patent fight

2018.05.17 14:55:55 | 2018.05.17 15:30:59

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Apple Inc. is seeking $1 billion from Samsung Electronics Co. in another court fight resulting from a long-running smartphone patent-infringement dispute. The two returned to a San Jose, California district courtroom on Tuesday, where Apple is seeking the full profits attributable to the sales of the infringed phones, whereas Samsung is urging the court to limit damages to $28 million.

Apple lawyer Bill Lee said Samsung made $2.3 billion in revenue and $1 billion in profit from millions of phones that copied Apple’s design patents to argue for the justice behind the $1 billion damage claim.

In response, Samsung lawyer John Quinn argued for smaller penalties directly related to the value impacted by the infringement, demanding it should be limited to $28 million.

The latest legal fight is a final part of the lawsuit that began in April 2014 and comes down to whether Samsung should compensate for the whole device or just the components under question of infringement.

Samsung had been ordered to pay $1 billion for the infringement of three design and two functional patents owned by Apple, but that was eventually reduced to $548 million. Of that $548 million, which Samsung paid to Apple in 2015, $399 million was earmarked for the design patent infringements. The case went to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2016 and was returned to the San Jose court after the Supreme Court rejected a $399 million judgment that Apple had won against Samsung.

By Ahn Jeong-hoon and Minu Kim

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