Hyundai Mobis develops autonomous backward driving technology

2017.11.21 15:10:31 | 2017.11.21 16:02:03

[Photo by Hyundai Mobis Co.]이미지 확대

[Photo by Hyundai Mobis Co.]

South Korea’s largest automobile parts supplier Hyundai Mobis Co. has developed an autonomous reverse driving technology that is expected to enable more sophisticated touchless reverse parking.

Hyundai Mobis announced on Tuesday that it has developed a technology enabling a car to move backwards with autonomous steering. The technology measures the vehicle’s speed, moving distance and steering degrees by using sensors when the car is moving forward and applies the measurements inversely to support autonomous backward driving.

This is the first autonomous reverse driving technology developed in the country. The technology is different from the autonomous reverse parking technology that is already available enabling a car to park itself into a bay because it focuses more on touchless reverse steering, the company said.

The technology would be especially useful for drivers in Korea where about 70 percent of the roads are narrow two-lane roads and drivers frequently have to reverse park in a tight space, according to Kim jung-gu who has led the technology development at the company. The company is expected to commercialize the technology soon as the technology doesn’t require installment of additional devices.

The company said it has applied for two patents in Korea and one in overseas for the auto reverse driving technology. An official from the company said that it plans to develop the technology further to enable fully autonomous reverse driving that supports acceleration and braking.

By Lee Seung-hoon and Choi Mira

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