Feasibility study on extending GTX-A·Line to begin soon

2024.02.05 15:29:02 | 2024.02.05 16:35:25

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[Photo by Office of the President]

Verification on whether it is economically feasible to extend the Great Train eXpress (GTX) line to Pyeongtaek will begin in February 2024, funded by the city’s local government. This is the first step in the ‘second phase of South Korea’s GTX’ project, which includes extending the GTX-A, B, C Lines and creating new D, E, F Lines, as announced by the government at a policy debate on livelihood issues on January 25th, 2024.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on Sunday, the Korea National Railway plans to select a service provider in February 2024 for a feasibility study on extending the GTX-A Line from Dongtan to Jije in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province, and begin the verification.

The land ministry announced on January 25th that it would push for a 20.9-kilometer extension of the GTX-A Line from Dongtan to Jije, with Pyeongtaek City agreeing to bear the project costs and operating expenses for the extension segment and submitting its own feasibility study to the ministry.

Extending the GTX line requires significant installation and operating costs, including new platforms, screen doors, and additional vehicles.

Pyeongtaek and other local governments had asked the government to extend the GTX lines to their jurisdictions and presented the results of their own feasibility studies showing that extending the GTX lines into their jurisdictions would be economically viable, with benefits outweighing the costs.

The latest work is part of a process in which the land ministry and the Korea National Railway verify the feasibility studies conducted by the local governments, with a service provider to be selected for the latest verification process.

By Hong Hae-jin and Yoon Yeon-hae

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