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2018.06.27 09:39:35

▶Consumer Survey for June 2018

1. The Composite Consumer Sentiment Index (CCSI) for June 2018 stood at 105.5, lower by 2.4 points than in May.

- Consumer sentiment regarding current living standards was one point down from that in the preceding month at 94, while that concerning their future outlook was three points less at 99.

- Consumer sentiment as to future household income remained the same as in May at 101, while that concerning future spending had fallen by one point to 107.

- Consumer sentiments related to current domestic economic conditions and their future domestic economic conditions were five points lower each than in the month before, at 84 and 96 respectively.

2. The expected inflation rate over the following year was 2.6%.

※ 2,200 households nationwide were surveyed between June 11 and 18, 2018, and among them 1,958 responded.

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(Source: The Bank of Korea, 26/06/2018)

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