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2018.03.07 14:57:16 | 2018.03.07 15:41:20

▶ Balance of Payments during January 2018(preliminary)

1)During January 2018 the Korean current account registered a surplus of 2.68 billion dollars.

― The goods account surplus widened slightly to 8.11 billion dollars, compared to the 7.73 billion dollar surplus for January of 2017.

― The services account deficit increased to 4.49 billion dollars, from 3.34 billion dollars in January of last year, owing to a deterioration in the travel account.

― The primary income account surplus narrowed from its 1.18 billion dollar one year earlier to a 0.68 billion dollar surplus in January 2018, in line with a widened deficit in the compensation of employees account.

― The secondary income account showed a 1.61 billion dollar deficit.

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2)In the financial account there was an overall 4.11 billion dollar increase in net assets in January.

― Direct investment assets grew by 1.40 billion dollars, and direct investment liabilities by 1.26 billion dollars.

―A 10.57 billion dollar increase in portfolio investment assets was recorded during the month, and a 7.08 billion dollar expansion in portfolio investment liabilities.

― Financial derivatives posted a net contraction of 1.29 billion dollars.

― In terms of other investment, there were increases of 2.82 billion dollars in assets and 2.49 billion dollars in liabilities.

― Reserve assets grew by 1.44 billion dollars.

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(Source: The Bank of Korea, 06/03/2018)

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