Small business owners deal with more disruptive customers

2023.09.19 13:49:01 | 2023.09.19 15:30:20

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[Image source: Gettyimagesbank]

Small business owners in South Korea are facing challenges as they grapple with customers displaying disruptive behaviors during their business operations. A recent incident sheds light on the frequent challenges faced by these small business owners.

According to a post on an online community, the author, who identified themselves as a cafe owner, expressed frustration after encountering disruptive behavior from a customer. The customer, estimated to be in his late 60s, ordered a coffee, left for several hours, and then returned to occupy the same seat.

The issue arose when he returned to the same seat after using the restroom, occupying it for an extended period.

The author attempted to address the situation by asking if the customer was waiting for someone. However, the customer responded negatively and left the cafe without further explanation.

Expressing growing frustration, the author noted that such incidents make it challenging to maintain a welcoming environment for reasonable customers and hinted at implementing measures to ensure a more pleasant experience for everyone.

By Kim Hyun-jung and Chang Iou-chung

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