Single-living ratio tops 40% in S. Korean family unit for the first time

2021.10.06 15:03:23

[Graphics by Song Ji-yoon]이미지 확대

[Graphics by Song Ji-yoon]

Four out of every 10 households in South Korea are resided by a single person as of September, while population thinning trend continued throughout the year, census report showed.

According to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety on Wednesday, the number of single-person households came to 9,367,439 as of the end of September, gaining 1.36 percent from three months ago. They accounted for 40.1 percent of all family units, breaking 40 percent share for the first time in history.

Two-member households took up 23.8 percent, four-member 19 percent, and three-member 17.1 percent.

Nearly two out of three are housed by one or two persons. The average number of household members was 2.21.

The number of total households was tallied at record 23,383,689, adding 0.55 percent from late June. Against the end of last year, the ratio of female householders rose to 34.3 percent from 33.8 percent, while male owners fell to 65.7 percent from 66.2 percent.

Among the single-living households, the largest were those in their 70s or older (18.6 percent), followed by 60s (17.7 percent), 50s (17.2 percent), 30s (16.5 percent), 20s (15.7 percent), 40s (13.9 percent), and teenagers or younger (0.4 percent).

Meanwhile, the country’s population has thinned 0.01 percent to 51,667,688 as of the end of September from three months earlier. Males took up 49.9 percent or 25,763,891, and females 50.1 percent or 25,903,797.

The number of babies born in the country increased 307 to 67,336 during the third quarter, and death count reached 75,667.

Those in their 50s took up the largest 16.7 percent share in the population. Compared to late last year, the ratio of 60s and 70s climbed 0.7 percentage point and 0.2 percentage point, respectively, but 50s and younger all decreased, underscoring fast aging phenomenon of the Korean society.

By Lee Ha-yeon

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