Koreans find adults failing calm wailing babies most annoying during flight

2019.07.15 13:47:39

이미지 확대
Koreans find parents failing to calm wailing infants most annoying during flight, according to a local budget airline’s survey on Monday.

Four out of 10 traveling on domestic flights cited parents failing to control bawling babies the biggest irritation during flight, a poll on 699 cabin crew and customers by Korea’s leading low-cost carrier Jeju Air showed.

Kicking seats and annoying the person in front was the second by 33.3 percent, followed by picking a fight with others or causing a disturbance with 30.7 percent, bad behaviors after drinking alcohol with 25.5 percent, and reclining the seat too much with 21.7 percent.

Cabin crew considered picking a fight with others or cause a disturbance the most ill-mannered behavior (38.7 percent), letting babies or kids cry (26.7 percent), drinking too much alcohol (18 percent), smoking on a plane (9.9 percent), and speaking loudly with others (6.7 percent).

Jeju Air has recently initiated its “Happy Flight” campaign to notify the risk of in-flight disturbance, smoking and heavy drinking.

By Chun Gyung-woon and Lee Ha-yeon

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