Young Koreans want home and job, but do not wish to start family

2019.06.07 13:26:17

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In another survey underscoring the dangers of a demographic cliff for South Korea struggling with the bottom fertility rate and fast aging, young Koreans think having a job and home are necessities to life, but not marriage or having a child.

According to a survey by local job portal providers Jobkorea and Albamon, 86.3 percent of 1,142 people in their 20s and 30s answered they think having a job is a “must.”

이미지 확대
The majority of them – 71.2 percent – considered work a means of livelihood, 42.7 percent an opportunity for self development, and 25.7 percent a source of self-actualization.

Owning a house and buying a car were also necessary for 66.3 percent and 65.1 percent of the respondents, survey showed.

Marriage, however, was not a must for most of them – 71.7 percent. Having a child also was a choice by 57.4 percent.

Of the respondents who are not married, 38.3 percent said they would stay single. Of people with no kids, 39.6 percent chose to stay without kids.

By Hwang Soon-min and Lee Ha-yeon

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