Seoul to outlaw aged vehicles on roads during heavy dust days

2019.01.02 16:08:15 | 2019.01.02 16:08:38

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From February 15, aged vehicles that do not meet the emissions standards will be banned from roads in and around Seoul on days fine dust alert is issued.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said Wednesday that an administrative act will restrict all aged vehicles – gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, and diesel – rated Grade 5 under emissions standards from entering Seoul and metropolitan area when fine dust warning is issued in the city starting February 15.

The aged cars subject to the new rule are 2.7 million vehicles – gasoline/LPG-powered cars manufactured based on the 1987 emissions standards and diesel-powered cars that were rated on 2002 guideline. The city already has been banning aged cars registered before 2005 from entering the city on days with high level of fine dust.

The city government will offer a grace period until May 31 except for trucks weighing 2.5 ton or more.

It will also provide supports to Grade 5 vehicle owners. A subsidy ranging from 1.65 million won ($1,474) to 7.70 million won will be given for those chucking aged vehicle, depending on the car’s model and production year. Trucks weighing 2.5 ton or more will be given from 1.43 million to 9.28 million won for installing devices for reducing emissions such as diesel particulate filter.

By Na Hyun-joon and Cho Jeehyun

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