Celltrion Healthcare employees paid the highest salary in Korea

2019.05.07 13:34:56

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Celltrion Healthcare, the distribution arm of South Korea’s major biosimilar developer Celltrion, is the most generous employer in Korea last year, having paid its employees an average 241 million won ($206,053).

According to market research firm FnGuide on Tuesday, Celltrion Healthcare paid total 31.3 billion won for annual salary to its 130 employees, allowing each to take home 241 million won on average in 2018. This is the highest salary package paid out among the country’s listed firms.

The list was based on employee compensation data of listed companies (except for holding entities) that reported their fiscal books for 2018.

The most generously compensated at Celltrion Healthcare was Kim Eun-soo, non-executive level employee with an annual paycheck reaching 7.98 billion won including 7.87 billion won worth stock options.

The second highest paying employer was S-Oil with a paycheck of 138 million won on average, followed by Meritz Securities with 135 million won, Bookook Securities with 134 million won, SK Innovation with 128 million won, Genexine with 125 million won, Studio Dragon with 125 million won, Korean Reinsurance Company with 122 million won, Samsung Securities with 122 million won, and NH Investment & Securities with 121 million won.

Employees at 31 listed companies were paid an annual salary of above 100 million won on average including SK Securities (121 million won), Samsung Electronics (119 million won), Korea Petro Chemical Ind (119 million won), and SK Telecom (116 million won).

Among the top 10 generous employers, five were finance and securities firms, two petrochemical companies, two bio-tech and pharmaceutical firms and one a drama production company.

By Yoo Joon-ho and Lee Ha-yeon

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