POSTECH adopts AI as essential credit course for all students

2019.04.10 11:30:18 | 2019.04.10 11:31:04

[Photo provided by POSTECH]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by POSTECH]

An artificial intelligence (AI) curriculum will go essential for all students at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) as the elite private research institute of South Korea has renewed its commitment to turn the entire campus into a pioneering space for AI and blockchain applications.

In an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper on Tuesday, POSTECH President Kim Doh-yeon said the university will issue a certificate to students who complete the new AI course, forecasting “everybody will use AI in the future like cars of today and they will need an AI license like a driver’s license.”

AI will be introduced as an essential credit course from the second half of this year for more than 3,000 students of the university, and they will be entitled to graduate only after completing four to six AI classes, Kim said.

"Eligible students will receive an AI certificate together with a diploma. We will also hire about 15 more professors in the AI field over the next three years.”

POSTECH President Kim Doh-yeon이미지 확대

POSTECH President Kim Doh-yeon

“The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is making considerable investment into AI education. U.S. and Chinese governments are spending billions more on AI. We need more efforts from all sides, private and public,” he emphasized.

The university has made various attempts to catch up its global peers after laying out its vision to become the country’s first blockchain-enabled campus. POSTECH’s knowledge content sharing system called ‘Engram’ is designed to issue cryptocurrency ‘Neuron’ to content owners and contributing users. The virtual money is available to buy foods and school supplies on campus.

A POSTECH student is exchanging her cryptocurrency ‘Neuron’ for a gift certificate available to buy school supplies on campus. [Photo by POSTECH]이미지 확대

A POSTECH student is exchanging her cryptocurrency ‘Neuron’ for a gift certificate available to buy school supplies on campus. [Photo by POSTECH]

The university’s blockchain technology will also be applied to e-voting, certificate issuance, protection of student ID security and the management of school donations. It plans to share its operational know-how with Yonsei University, which is also on track to develop blockchain applications for campus lives.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrency are already penetrating into the market. It is very necessary for students to experience this as earlier as possible for their future,” Kim added.

By Kim Hyo-hye and Minu Kim

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