Koreans download 102 mobile apps and use 39 a month

2018.12.05 15:11:43 | 2018.12.05 15:12:23

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South Koreans, enjoying the world’s best connectivity and fastest mobile network in a country that was first to go 5G, download an average of 102 smartphone apps and use 39 a month to rank as the most avid users of mobile software programs, according to local digital marketing company Mobidays.

The study was conducted by collecting the October mobile market data from App Ape, a mobile app analysis service, of 382,000 Android users in Korea, Japan and the United States. Data showed that smartphone users of the three countries downloaded 84 apps on average and used 30 apps per month.

Japanese and American users downloaded an average of 80 and 71 apps, respectively. The average number of apps used per month was 26 for both countries.

When measured by the average number of downloads divided by the average monthly number of apps used, Korea ranked the highest at 38 percent, followed by the U.S. at 36.3 percent and Japan at 31.8 percent.

The most popular categories in all three countries were utility and communication. But preferences tended to vary slightly by country.

For instance, Koreans veered more toward finance and lifestyle apps, with usage in these categories more than double that of Japanese and Americans. This appears to be due to the popularity of smart banking and mobile payment services like Toss and Samsung Pay.

In Japan, game apps were used twice as many times as in Korea, driven by blockbuster mobile games like LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum, Monster Strike and Pokemon GO.

Americans tended to spend more time on social and communication apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By Lee Yong-ik and Kim Hyo-jin

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