Seoul’s energy policy won’t waver by Taiwan’s vote to keep nuclear reactors

2018.11.26 16:10:09 | 2018.11.26 16:10:37

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Seoul’s energy plan will be undeterred by Taiwanese referendum result that overthrows the plan to unplug all nuclear reactors by 2025, said a senior official from the industry and energy ministry on Monday.

“Taiwan’s case could be taken for reference. If any revision is needed, we’ll do so through communication with our own people,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

A referendum conducted during the mayoral and gubernatorial elections on Saturday, showed 59 percent were against the phase-out plan.

Taiwanese sentiment towards the plan significantly soured after the country experienced severe blackout last year after the plug went off for four of six active nuclear reactors.

In Korea’s case, the phase-out pans out more gradually, the official said.

Under the energy outline under President Moon Jae-in who wants to ultimately wean the country completely off nuclear and fossil fuel, power sourcing from nuclear reactors will come down to 24 percent by 2030 from current 30 percent.

Last week, a survey on 1,006 respondents aged 19 or older conducted by Gallup Korea showed that 69.5 percent wanted to keep the status quo on the country’s power sourcing from nuclear reactors versus 25 percent that were opposed.

By Lim Sung-hyun and Lee Ha-yeon

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