S-1 thrives as building management sales boom

2024.05.16 10:28:01 | 2024.05.16 10:39:15

[Courtesy of S-1 Corporation]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of S-1 Corporation]

South Korea’s S-1 Corporation is continuing a robust growth trajectory as sales from its building management business grow. The building security company recorded a revenue of 2.62 trillion won ($1.94 billion), the company’s highest since it was founded in 1977.

According to S-1 on Wednesday, the company’s smart remote building management solution, ‘Blue Scan,’ saw a 215 percent increase in subscribers compared to the previous year. Blue Scan is a remote solution that attaches Internet of Things (IoT)-based sensors to key building facilities to remotely monitor anomalies. The control center monitors any irregularities that are detected by the sensors, enabling real-time responses even if the facility management personnel leave the control room for on-site patrols. Facilities such as heating, ventilation, and lighting can also be remotely controlled using a dedicated app, facilitating efficient building management.

Another solution that is gaining popularity integrates security and building management solutions applied to buildings into a single program for unified monitoring. Previously, separate management personnel were required for closed-circuit television, access control, parking management, and elevators, with each program operating differently and requiring separate training. Customized building management was necessary for multiple buildings, which required additional manpower and operating costs.

S-1’s ‘Integrated SI Manager’ consolidates all these operating programs to resolve these inefficiencies. With a single remote management program, 24-hour real-time monitoring and solution control for multiple buildings are possible.

In particular, S-1 adopted a ‘building-industry standard protocol’ to ensure that the various solutions applied to the building communicate seamlessly. It also allows for the integration of new solutions without additional development, according to the company.

By Yang Yeon-ho and Minu Kim

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