GS25 launches its own ramyeon with bigger size, lower price

2023.11.21 15:50:02 | 2023.11.21 16:18:44

Noodle King [Courtesy of GS25]이미지 확대

Noodle King [Courtesy of GS25]

South Korean convenience store chain GS25 announced Tuesday that it will begin the sales of Noodle King, a private label (PB) cup noodle, from Wednesday, which comes in bigger size and lower price.

Noodle King comes with a bigger serving size of 105 grams compared to 86 grams of other small-sized cup noodles. It is priced below 1,000 won ($0.78), the lowest among other cup noodle items.

With a 20 percent discount on GS25’s subscription service and up to 10 percent off from affiliate programs with mobile carriers, consumers can purchase Noodle King for about 600 won.

GS25 said that Noodle King is a product that goes against the trend of shrinkflation, a combination of shrink and inflation. Many food companies are offering their products at smaller sizes but at the same price to cope with rising costs.

“We expect Noodle King to receive an unprecedented response,” said a GS25 official. “We will expand our product lineup to continue GS25’s reputation as the producer of best PB ramyeons.”

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