Shinsegae Food introduces new vegan dining, meal replacement brand

2023.09.18 10:59:01 | 2023.09.18 13:40:25

[Courtesy of Shinsegae Food]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of Shinsegae Food]

Shinsegae Food Inc. is set to launch a new restaurant and meal replacement brand that will exclusively feature vegan products, continuing its commitment to plant-based offerings after launching its plant-based protein brand, Better Meat.

According to industry sources on Sunday, Shinsegae Food will debut its plant-based alternative food brand, “You Are What You Eat,” this month and open a restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul.

The new brand’s name has been used as a slogan by Shinsegae Food to promote the value of plant-based alternatives to consumers. “We aim to offer food that can be enjoyed not only by vegetarians but also by anyone who prioritizes health and the environment,” the company said.

Before the official launch, Shinsegae Food introduced the new brand’s products by operating a food truck on the sidelines of the 24th World Knowledge Forum last week. The menu included kimchi fried rice made with Better Meat’s plant-based canned ham and pizza bread with alternative meat sausages. All the items were prepared using 100 percent plant-based ingredients, leading to long queues of people eager to try the food.

The new restaurant, operating under the brand’s name, will offer casual dining options as well as a variety of meals, snacks, and dessert dishes. Shinsegae Food also plans to offer the restaurant’s menu items as home meal replacements (HMRs). Vegan pasta, salads, and sandwiches, previously available at the company’s vegan restaurant, The Better Vecchia E Nuovo, will also be included in the HMR lineup.

Shinsegae Food founded the alternative food business as a new growth engine and has been expanding its presence across all segments since 2021. Last year, Shinsegae Food opened a pop-up store to sell plant-based protein products for the first time in Korea, introducing over 50 types of plant-based alternative foods, including alternative meat ham, meatballs, and sandwiches made with alternative meat. Various alternative meat products from the company, such as plant-based canned ham, cold cuts, and meatballs, are currently available in supermarkets, online platforms, and restaurants.

The food company has placed particular emphasis on the plant-based restaurant business in 2023 to date. In April, it introduced burgers with plant-based patties, along with vegan salads, at its burger franchise, and added plant-based nuggets to the burger franchise’s menu in June. The company also provides sandwiches made with plant-based ingredients to Starbucks and Chosun hotel chains while supplying other plant-based meals and snacks to cafeterias operated by Shinsegae Food.

By Song Kyung-eun and Chang Iou-chung

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