LG unveils hyperscale AI Exaone to be applied to all business units

2021.12.15 13:52:47 | 2021.12.15 14:17:06

LG AI Research chief Bae Kyung-hoon. [Photo by LG Group]이미지 확대

LG AI Research chief Bae Kyung-hoon. [Photo by LG Group]

LG Group has unveiled hyperscale artificial intelligence (AI) system Exaone applicable to all business management at its affiliates ranging from electronics and wireless networking to home and industrial chemicals while celebrating the first anniversary of LG AI Research on Tuesday.

Exaone means ‘expert AI for everyone,’ according to South Korea’s fourth largest conglomerate.

LG said it is widely estimated that humankind generated 5 exabytes of data. LG AI Research has been developing the hyperscale AI platform by increasing the number of parameters to 1.3 billion, 13 billion, 39 billion and 175 billion. Parameters are neural networks of an AI system and key to machine learning algorithms. The more parameters an AI system has, the smarter it gets.

A pumpkin-shaped hat created by LG이미지 확대

A pumpkin-shaped hat created by LG"s AI system Exaone. [Photo by LG Group]

Exaone has learned more than 600 billion phrases and 250 million high-resolution images attached with texts. It is capable of not only understanding data but also creating things, the company said. For instance, after receiving a user’s request to make a pumpkin-shaped hat, it can create one instead of finding the existing image from the given data.

LG AI Research said Exaone will be playing a role as a super-smart AI assistant in every business division of LG including manufacturing, R&D, education and finance. It has already offered an open application programming interface (API) that supports Exaone to LG affiliates. Exaone has already been used for advancing chatbot program and developing new materials based on analysis of 20 million papers in the chemical sector.

By Park Jae-young and Choi Mira

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