LG Electronics hosts Tech Conference in Silicon Valley to attract AI talent

2024.05.13 09:58:01 | 2024.05.13 10:01:46

[Courtesy of LG Electronics Inc.]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of LG Electronics Inc.]

South Korean tech giant LG Electronics Inc. hosted Tech Conference in Cupertino, Silicon Valley, California on Saturday to recruit local talent.

The event was attended by the company’s top executives, including CEO Cho Joo-wan, HE Division Head Park Hyeong-see, VS Division Head Eun Seok-hyeon, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Kim Byung-hoon, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHO) Kim Won-beom, and North America Innovation Center Head Lee Seok-woo.

LG Electronics invited over 50 experienced professionals working in artificial intelligence (AI) from big tech and startup companies in Silicon Valley, as well as doctoral researchers from universities across North America, including those located in Seattle and Los Angeles.

“To recruit good talent, salaries of up to $1 million are possible,” Cho told reporters prior to the conference. “I am willing to accept employees with higher salaries than mine.”

Responding to questions about whether American talent would consider joining LG Electronics, Cho expressed confidence, saying, “There are talents who see the potential to become game changers in the future and are willing to come to LG Electronics to work on exciting projects.”

“At LG Electronics, there are many devices essential for implementing AI in everyday life, providing ample opportunities for talents to explore and engage with at our company,” he said.

Cho is scheduled to attend the CEO Summit to be hosted by Microsoft in Seattle from May 14-16, where he will meet with Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

LG Electronics also plans to hold an Investor Relations (IR) presentation.

“LG Electronics is also a beneficiary of AI, and there are opportunities as the AI era unfolds,” Cho added.

By Park So-ra and Minu Kim

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