Samsung Electronics joins AI alliance to establish 6G ecosystem

2024.02.27 09:34:01 | 2024.02.27 09:34:14

[Courtesy of Samsung Electronics Co.]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of Samsung Electronics Co.]

Samsung Electronics Co. has become a founding member of a global research alliance that aims to build an ecosystem for the next-generation 6G communication technology based on artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the company on Monday, Samsung Electronics has joined the AI-Radio Access Networks (RAN) Alliance, which officially launched on Monday during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Ten telecommunications and software companies, including Nvidia Corp., Arm Holdings Plc, SoftBank Corp., Ericsson Inc., and Nokia Corp., joined the alliance. Northwestern University is the sole non-corporate member.

Samsung Electronics aims to lead 6G research and ecosystem expansion by applying AI to wireless communication technology through its participation in the alliance, promoting service innovation, and enhancing network efficiency.

The alliance has established three working groups tasked with conducting technical research: AI for RAN, AI and RAN, and AI on RAN.

The AI for RAN group explores wireless communication optimization using AI and machine learning to enhance frequency, cost, and energy efficiency.

The AI and RAN group delves into AI and wireless network convergence for streamlined resource management and infrastructure utilization.

The AI on RAN group aims to uncover novel AI applications and services within wireless networks.

Samsung Electronics anticipates that the technology reports, white papers, and research findings stemming from the working groups will contribute to identifying new service areas and advancing the standardization and commercialization of 6G.

By Choi Seung-jin and Chang Iou-chung

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