SK broadband introduces AI chatbot for 24/7 customer support

2023.11.08 14:30:02 | 2023.11.08 17:56:54

[Courtesy of SK broadband]이미지 확대

[Courtesy of SK broadband]

SK broadband Co. has introduced a 24/7 AI chatbot named Chat-B to provide optimized self-diagnostic services from product sign-up to after-sales support on its revamped website, B World.

The company unveiled its AI-based digital platform, B World, on Tuesday, where customers can interact with Chat-B. This chatbot, when given keywords like malfunction, or problem, automatically connects to SK broadband’s network control system, ADAMS. Chat-B then proceeds to check the status of devices such as set-top boxes, networks, and identifies potential solutions.

Leveraging around 6,000 different scenarios, Chat-B conducts a 1-3 step assessment of the situation, and in the event of anomalies, it takes appropriate actions like providing text and video guidance, remote resets, connecting customers to human agents, or scheduling service manager visits.

In case users face difficulties during their interaction with Chat-B, they can switch to real-time communication with a human agent. Customer requests and previous chatbot interactions are shared in real-time with the agent, enabling a seamless transition to a continuous conversation, according to the company.

SK broadband also emphasized that it is the first in the industry to automate name changes for subscribers. The process that customers need to go through to change their name has been greatly reduced, and when the transferor applies for a name change, the transferee is automatically sent an electronic signature and a link to submit the required documents.

All of this is done without the need for a conversation with an agent, as Chat-B guides the entire process.

The Chat-B service is available on the B World website and Android app, while the iOS app will be updated gradually.

The company also said it plans to enhance conversation recognition and natural language processing capabilities to the highest level in South Korea by integrating with SK telecom’s large language model (LLM) next year.

By Kim Dae-gi and Minu Kim

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