GC Cell inks first licensing on Immuncell-LC with Rivaara Immune in India

2022.01.04 13:23:30 | 2022.01.04 16:25:34

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GC Cell Corp., a South Korean manufacturer of immune cell therapy drugs, gained traction for global marketing in its patient-derived autologous T-cell immunotherapy by entering a licensing agreement with Indian firm Rivaara Immune.

Immuncell-LC is GC Cell’s personalized cancer immunotherapy medicine made from the patient’s blood that was approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for the treatment of liver cancer in 2007. GC Cell is currently gathering data from Phase 3 clinical trials and patients and Immuncell-LC has also recently entered Phase 3 clinical trials for pancreatic cancer treatment.

This is the first overseas technology export deal on Immuncell-LC. GC Cell in a press statement said it will be providing clinical trial results, manufacturing technology, and quality testing techniques of Immuncell-LC, while Rivaara Immune will conduct clinical trials and will be responsible for obtaining licensing. It will also oversee future production, sales, and marketing of the treatment for liver cancer in India.

GC Cell will be able to pick up undisclosed upfront payment and technology fees as well as additional milestone payments. It will also get exclusive license rights for cell culture media, the main ingredient of Immuncell-LC, and a partial stake in Rivaara Immune.

"Immuncell-LC®`s overseas expansion is based on its domestic success, pushing for technology transfer by country, and signing contract with Rivaara Immune in India is the first outcome," said Dae-woo Park, CEO of GC Cell. "Both companies will cooperate in a win-win strategic partnership, and are also closely discussing with a number of partners in China and other countries in the Middle East."

Rivaara Immune was founded in Mumbai by a major shareholder of Bharat Serums & Vaccines (BSV), a large Indian pharmaceutical company, in 2019. Rivaara Immune plans to plans to apply for approval of Immuncell-LC using clinical trial results from GC Cell.

GC Cell shares rose 0.3 percent to close at 100,500 won ($84.03) on Tuesday.

By Susan Lee

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