Daewoong Pharm’s botox drug proven therapeutic for cervical dystonia in U.S.

2022.09.27 14:07:17

[Source: Daewoong Pharmaceutical]이미지 확대

[Source: Daewoong Pharmaceutical]

South Korea’s Daewoong Pharmaceutical said on Monday its botulinum toxin drug Nabota has demonstrated its efficacy and safety profile in the treatment of patients with cervical dystonia in a phase 2 clinical trial conducted in the United States, raising hope for its entry into the therapeutic market beyond the aesthetic one.

Nabota has so far only been approved for cosmetic use in the U.S. and Europe.

Cervical dystonia is a chronic disease characterized by involuntary muscle contractions in the neck that cause abnormal movements and postures of the neck and head. Using a botox injection is a known standard of care for this condition.

The study was conducted by Daewoong’s U.S. partner AEON Biopharma in 20 clinical sites.

AEON Biopharma is an exclusive partner with the right to license, import and sell Nabota across the U.S.

Botulinum toxin, commonly called botox, is used not only for aesthetic purposes to improve wrinkle or square jaw, but also for therapeutic purposes to relieve muscle stiffness in the upper body after stroke.

In the study, Nabota showed a significant therapeutic benefit compared to placebo, and no serious side effects were observed, according to Daewoong Pharmaceutical.

Nabota is also being tested for the treatment of migraine in a phase 2 clinical trial in the U.S. and its results are due to be announced around the fall of next year.

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