6G services to be ready for commercialization by 2029: LG Elec’s CTO

2022.09.26 14:45:32 | 2022.09.26 14:46:06

[Photo provided by LG Electronics Inc.]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by LG Electronics Inc.]

Industrial standardization work for 6G mobile services will start in 2025, and everything will be ready for commercialization by 2029, Kim Byung-hoon, chief technology officer of LG Electronics, told Maeil Business Newspaper in an interview last week.

The maximum data transmission speed on the 6G network will be 50 times faster than 5G and wireless latency will be reduced by one-tenth, making ultra-realistic media such as mobile hologram a reality.

In the upcoming 6G era, all digital appliances at home will work organically and according to the situation as if they were a single device, Kim said. For example, when a user finishes exercising on a treadmill in the living room, the air conditioner automatically lowers the temperature, and an advanced robot vacuum cleaner delivers cold water from a purifier to the user.

Beyond the home boundary, the home appliances will work organically in sync with self-driving cars, drone taxis and satellites, Kim envisioned.

LG Electronics recently succeeded in 6G communication at 320 meters outdoors. In the metro area, the coverage of base stations is 250 meters on average, which means the company has secured a sufficient communication distance. Kim said that the communication distance barrier in the terahertz band for 6G has already been overcome, adding that a method of mixing a general frequency band with a long communication distance and a terahertz band will be studied for a suburban area with few base stations, he explained.

In the 6G era, TV sets are expected to play a central role in the connection with devices. Kim said TV will present a concept that combines an advanced artificial intelligence speaker and a display, adding that LG Electronics will soon release the first TV with the ‘Matter 1.0’ standard that can be linked with other home appliance brands.

LG Electronics is also focusing on the development of ‘voice recognition’ technology that distinguishes the voices of family members to establish a connected environment using home appliances.

By Oh Chan-jong and Minu Kim

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