Korean firm ready to roll out LED lamp to supplement vitamin D without aid of daylight

2022.06.22 14:20:09 | 2022.06.22 14:20:44

DSE이미지 확대

DSE"s CEO Kang Young-joon

Korean LED lamp maker DSE Co. is commercializing a new product that emits UV-B light to help the human body to make vitamin D to help address growing concerns over vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight caused by more sedentary indoor lifestyles.

The company said on Tuesday it has completed the product development and will bring it to market as early as this year.

Among the ultraviolet wavelengths emitted from sunlight, UV-B light in the 280-320 nm band plays an important role in vitamin D synthesis.

Since UV-B light cannot pass through a window, vitamin D is produced only when directly exposed to sunlight. But by forming the same wavelength band as UV-B light through this LED lamp, it is possible to synthesize vitamin D in the bloodstream indoors, the company’s CEO Kang Young-joon said.

Vitamin D is known to be associated with cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, bone metabolic disease, and depression.

DSE, which started business in Namdong Industrial Complex in Incheon, is the only Korean enterprise that can design, manufacture, and inspect LED lamps in an integrated fashion. The company well known for its ‘HiPPO LED’ brand ranks first in the number of patent applications in the domestic LED lamp market. In 2013, DSE relocated its headquarters to Songdo International City to enhance R&D capabilities.

As a result, the company stands out in the field of special lighting such as LEDs for plant cultivation, animal breeding, and ship and port infrastructure.

DSE posted 16.1 billion won ($12.4 million) in operating profit over sales of 58 billion won last year. It aims to achieve 20 billion won in operating profit with more than 100 billion won in sales this year, Kang said.

By Yang Yeon-ho and Minu Kim

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