LG adds SNU to its network of elite academies on artificial intelligence

2022.04.27 13:00:40 | 2022.04.27 13:01:09

[Source: LG Group]이미지 확대

[Source: LG Group]

LG AI Research has added Seoul National University to its academic network for joint research in hyperscale multimodal machine learning after it forged ties with the University of Michigan in the United States and the University of Toronto in Canada for joint research.

On Tuesday, LG AI Research and SNU’s Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence held a ceremony to launch ‘SNU-LG AI Research Center’ at the university’s Gwanak campus, which will focus on a new AI paradigm, where image, text, and voice data are combined with multiple intelligence processing.

The new research center defined eight research projects to take the lead in hyperscale multimodal AI. One project is a 3D generation technology that can create a full body shape and movement of a specific person based on one still shot image or a short video clip. If it is combined with LG’s AI artist Tilda, it would be easy to show a 3D figure of Tilda that is active in the metaverse.

The joint research center plans to develop an AI system that tracks and understands the structure of human language learning, capable of communicating more appropriately to the context and situation of human conversation.

Researchers will also study multimodal AI, which can simultaneously learn and utilize information in existing language and image formats, diagrams, graphs, videos with audiovisual information, and tactile-based information such as temperature.

In addition, ethical research, which is an essential part of AI commercialization, will be conducted to ensure fairness and transparency in the continuous learning algorithm with an unbiased approach to content related to race, gender, and age.

By Jung Yoo-jung and Minu Kim

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