RFsemi kicks off commercial supply of SiC power semiconductor device

2021.10.07 14:10:21 | 2021.10.07 14:10:45

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South Korean semiconductor materials company RFsemi has started a commercial supply of custom manufactured silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices for an unnamed domestic customer under a foundry contract signed last year.

RFsemi is a semiconductor device specialist with a comprehensive production system to offer services spanning from design to manufacturing of ECM Chip, TVS Diode, MEMS MIC, and LED Light.

The company has collaborated with its customer since last year to develop a processing technology to manufacture SiC power semiconductors based on 6-inch wafers.

The semiconductor device delivered by RFsemi is a junction barrier Schottky (JBS) diode that transmits electric current in one direction, which is a general-purpose product used for high-power components for electric vehicles and TVs.

Power semiconductors are essential in controlling the direction of current and power conversion in electric products that require high power, as well as electric vehicles, hydrogen-powered cars, and 5G communication networks. According to market tracker Yole, the global SiC power semiconductor market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 29 percent until 2024 to reach $2 billion.

SiC power semiconductors can withstand high voltage and high heat, making it possible to miniaturize components and reduce power consumption in electric cars.

In Korea, only two to three companies operate 6-inch wafer fabs, and RFsemi is the only company with SiC power semiconductor foundry technology. RFsemi has a 6-inch wafer fab with production capacities of 6,000 wafers per month at Jeonju.

By Chung Ji-sung and Minu Kim

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