Korean medical electronics firm Ceragem stands out for growth based on patent count

2021.04.23 14:15:55

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Ceragem, a Korean developer of thermal spine treatment devices, stood out internationally and for future growth potential in terms of its richness in patented technologies.

According to the medical electronics company, the number of Ceragem patents filed or granted worldwide in 2020 amounted to 712, up by more than 70 percent from 290 patents in 2015.

The company is known for a revolutionary infrared heat massage table that promotes healing, detoxification and holistic wellness.

Ceragem has expanded investments in R&D projects along with fast growth of the global home healthcare market since its patent application for technology of automatic heating elements in 1999.

The number of the company’s international patents grew fast. The portion of overseas patents filed by Ceragem in the past five years from 2016 accounted for 87.5 percent of the total.

Most of the company’s patents are related to medical electronics for spine care. Most of its 77 patents filed globally last year were about the design structure of spine medical appliances, heating elements, body scan method, core parts such as abdominal vibration external elements, driving program, and the bed sliding function.

Ceragem’s patented technology has been recognized worldwide. In 2019, the company won three patent lawsuits over China’s copy products (up/down function internal element, sliding method, external design) in a court which ruled an immediate halt to production and distribution of replica products.

Ceragem with a 20-year-plus track record in home healthcare and spine therapeutics responds to market dynamics with aggressive technology development and investment expansion, said a company official.

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