Aprogen KIC renamed into Aprogen Medicines to start global distribution of biosims

2021.04.06 14:28:04

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Aprogen KIC has been renamed into Aprogen Medicines Inc. to make a fresh start as Aprogen Group’s unit responsible for the global distribution of biosimilar products.

The company said in a regulatory filing on Monday its board approved the rebranding and the addition of biosimilar distribution to its business in line with a groupwide reorganization plan to become a global biopharma to develop, manufacture, and distribute biosimilars across the world.

Under the plan, Aprogen will be responsible for the development of biosimilars and antibody therapeutics, Aprogen Biologics for production, Aprogen KIC for global distribution, and Aprogen Pharmaceuticals for manufacturing and selling chemically synthesized drugs and distributing biosimilars in Korea and neighboring markets.

The reorganization aims to maximize synergy between Aprogen affiliates in the field of biosimilars and other biopharmaceutical products.

The group’s parent Aprogen has a pipeline consisting of key biosimilar drugs referencing five best-selling brands: Remicade, Herceptin, Rituxane, Humira and Avastin, as well as novel therapies for the treatment of degenerative arthritis, acute leukemia, and triple negative breast cancer, among others.

Aprogen Biologics runs the world’s fifth largest cGMP-grade plant which can produce a 2,24-million-liter culture fluid and antibodies of over 2,500kg per year.

Aprogen commands leadership in perfusion bioreactor system for animal cells.

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