Samsung launches all-in-one power chip for TWS earphones

2020.03.25 12:07:56 | 2020.03.25 12:08:59

[Photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co.]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by Samsung Electronics Co.]

Samsung Electronics Co. on Tuesday announced the release of the industry’s first all-in-one power management chip optimized for true wireless stereo (TWS) devices that will allow manufacturers to craft new applications with greater flexibility.

The new power management integrated circuits (PMICs), MUA01 and MUB01, designed for the charging case and the earbuds, respectively, integrate up to ten discrete components into one for a smaller form factor and longer battery life.

This allows bigger batteries and hence better battery life, the company explained. It also supports both wireless and wired charging in a single chip.

First-generation wireless earphones lack an enough space for a big battery pack because several discrete chips, such as a microcontroller (MCU), a wireless charging and receiving chip, and a battery charging chip, have to be closely placed in a small space.

The PMICs occupy less than half the space compared to first-generation devices. This compact solution provides more room for the battery and facilitates more efficient and flexible designs.

In particular, the MUA01 chip is the industry’s only solution that supports both wired and wireless charging, the company said.

By Hwang Soon-min and Minu Kim

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