S. Korean team develops water spray effective in killing Covid-19

2020.10.15 09:27:53 | 2020.10.15 09:28:38

[Photo provided by KAIST]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by KAIST]

A South Korean research team has developed a new air sterilization technology that is said to be effective in eradicating Covid-19 virus without producing health hazardous substances.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) said on Wednesday that a research team led by Professor Lee Seung-seob of Mechanical Engineering has developed a new electrospray technology that can create micro water droplets with a sterilization effect on Covid-19.

The Korean team’s electrospray technology creates micro water droplets that contain OH radical sterilization substance. OH radical is a substance that has the strong sterilization effects but is harmless to humans.

OH radical is short-lived in the air. But when it is locked inside water droplets, it can live longer.

[Photo provided by KAIST]이미지 확대

[Photo provided by KAIST]

The micro water droplet spray technology containing OH radical was first developed by Japan’s Panasonic. In July, Panasonic announced a test result showing that micro water droplets based on electrospray technology is effective in killing coronavirus. However, it has drawbacks of producing only a small amount of micro water droplets and creating harmful ozone.

But the Korean team’s technology that uses micro nozzle made of polymer to spray electrostatic can create a large amount of micro water droplets without producing ozone. Using its water electrospray technology and polymer micro nozzle, the team is currently developing an antiseptic air purifier for Covid-19.

“The polymer micro-fine nozzle electrospray technology is harmless to the human body and environmentally-friendly, which is expected to contribute to prevention of Covid-19 in the future,” said Lee.

The research was first introduced in international journal Polymer in April.

By Lee Jong-hwa and Lee Eun-joo

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