Korean team confirm in vitro efficacy of povidone-iodine antiseptic vs Covid-19

2020.10.08 14:23:30 | 2020.10.08 14:24:56

이미지 확대
The common antiseptic spray of povidone-iodine has been confirmed to curb Covid-19, according to research findings released in Korea on Wednesday.

A research team led by Prof. Park Man-seong, Dept of Microbiology, College of Med, Korea University, said they found that a spray product containing povidone-iodine 0.45 percent inactivated 99.9 percent of the virus in test tube experiments, confirming overseas research findings that claim the solution is effective against the virus.

A nasal spray of povidone-iodine tested is typically used to disinfect the inside of the nose before surgery.

The latest experiment in Korea shows that povidone-iodine can be of great help in managing Covid-19 infection through active hygiene control in the oral and nasal cavity, the research team said. But formulations designed for use on the skin are not safe in the nose, the researchers explained, adding in vitro test does not mean that povidone-iodine can be used to kill the virus already active inside the human body.

By Lee Sang-gyu and Minu Kim

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